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Puba – London Keyes Tricks Out Her Treat (6 min)


I was wearing the simple dress that was common of the women of the village . She apparently made a run for it and her animal delayed us by stopping our dogs
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Double Penetration Puba – London Keyes Tricks Out Her Treat (6 min)

When Jan finally sat down I pulsed her bottom by repeatedly turning the butt plug up and down from low to high and back again until once again she was squirming in her seat, the waitress appeared with our drinks and I turned both vibrators up to high, Jan jumped in her seat almost causing the waitress to spill the drinks as she was reaching over to pass mine to me, Jan had all sorts of emotions and thoughts running through her body and brain, the pain in her arse was being chilled by the pleasure in her pussy, she was hoping her husband would return real soon and put a stop to this man using her body as his personal pleasure machine, she was cross with her husband for leaving her at home in this vulnerable position tied up to the bed with a stranger in the house, she was cross with this stranger for taking advantage of her this way just for his own pleasure and she was getting confused as the feelings rushing to her brain from the lower parts of her body were sending mixed messages, whilst she always expected pleasure form her pussy and the vibrator, she did not expect that the pain in her arse would give way to pleasure, especially because she was being taken by a stranger, could it be that someone other than her husband could make her feel this way, how could it be .

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Macho Puba – London Keyes Tricks Out Her Treat (6 min) Homosexual

, Click here. I turned around and there he was

Duration: 6 minChannel: PubaPornstar Channel: London KeyesCountry: Japan

Date: October 11, 2021