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PORN: It took him months of prodding and begging before she gave in, but much his dismay, not only did she love fucking a huge black pole, she became absolutely addicted to it! It was not unlike opening Pandora’s Box or trying to put the tooth paste back in the tube! Once it she got a taste of the big black bamboo it was all over! Now it had come to this, the man he had recruited four years ago for a one night fling had moved into their lives permanently! Now here he was, being forced to watch his wife satisfy each and every depraved fantasy of this black dominant! For her part Dana couldn’t get enough of him Masturbation “Show little pussy over there what a good little cocksucker you are!!!” Dana literally groaned as the fury in her pussy was whipped into and absolute frenzy!!! The sensation of having Jack’s huge black pecker safely in her mouth, coupled with the incredible rush of having her panty waist husband looking on in utter shame was incredibly intoxicating!!! Her lips and tongue then went into overdrive, scouring the egg sized head until her black stud’s legs buckled slightly while his pecker unleashed an incredible torrent of hot jizz deep into the back of her throat!!! “That’s a real talented lady you have there, cunt,” Jack said to Frank. She would fuck him every day if he would let her, but just to keep her on edge he limited her to once or twice a week

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Ass Fucking And Facial For Tattooed Hottie

Angela Allison
Omgosh I got so horny that I called the plumber and we fucked all night. 929 422 3009
Kyanna Lee
Yo what street u pic her up on? Fuck the bull i need to come up there @Elsa Jean